Income Tax Guide for Rideshare and Contract Delivery Drivers

John White | 3RD Millenniumtax

3rd Millennium Tax’s “Income Tax Guide for Rideshare and Contract Delivery Drivers” is the first guide to offer a comprehensive, nuts and bolts overview of the income tax issues facing rideshare and contract delivery drivers.
There are a number of very important decisions that need to be made at tax time – for example, should you claim Actual Car Expenses, or the Standard Mileage Rate? Making an informed decision on this issue, alone, is absolutely critical.

There’s a lot of confusion about what expenses can be deducted on a rideshare return. The author, an attorney and longtime IRS Revenue Officer and Tax Analyst, points you in the right direction. He examines

more than 60 different expenses that you might incur, and explains whether an expense is deductible; how much of the expense is deductible; and, where to claim it if it is deductible.

The author has also included an invaluable section on tax credits related to rideshare and contract delivery, tips on preparing Schedules C and SE, and suggestions for business record-keeping.


About the Author

John C. White is a licensed attorney, and he worked for the Internal Revenue Service for more than twenty years as a Tax Examiner, Revenue Officer and Tax Analyst.

As a Revenue Officer, he was the Technical Assistance Coordinator and Self-Employment Tax Coordinator for the Austin, Texas, Examination, Underreporter and Accounting functions. In these capacities, John provided detailed tax law opinions on thousands of individual income tax issues over the course of several years.

As a Tax Analyst for almost a decade, he wrote software requirements for the IRS’ Modernized eFile and Error Resolution Systems. In 2016, John received the prestigious Commissioner’s Award for his work writing the requirements necessary for implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

He was also a regular contributor to the Internal Revenue Manual, the IRS’ official handbook of tax guidelines and instructions for all personnel.