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3rd Millennium Tax is for the new small business owners of today. Our first publication deals with the tax requirements for Uber/ride share drivers.

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3rd Millennium Tax provides easy-to- read, common-sense income tax guides for small business owners. Aimed at readers who are self-employed, these niche guides address the specific needs of particular professions.

The hope is that these guides will give the reader the confidence to prepare their own tax returns, rather than turn their information over to a third party. Preparing your own return gives you a magnified look at how your business works, from the top down…you’ll see the interplay of income and deductions, & learn how valuable deductions can be.

The first book to be made available was “Income Tax Guide for Rideshare and Contract Delivery Drivers,” published in 2017. This publication is available from Amazon in both Kindle and paperback formats. It’s the first guide to offer a comprehensive, in-depth overview of the income tax issues facing Rideshare and contract delivery drivers.

Our History

We conducted research and found that much of the current tax guides for small business owners are mere duplications or only slightly modified versions of the current tax publications available on the IRS website. There is a urgent need for quality tax guides as more people enter the self employment world.

Our Vision

To provide clear and knowledgeable tax guides for new business owners who want to use many of the available online venues or who want to make their self employment dreams come true.